Mike Hamilton Construction - Kitchen Appliances And Gas Piping Installation
Mike Hamilton Construction Gas Piping Installation Procedures
The following information is the steps that Mike Hamilton Construction will take to have your gas pipe/or appliance completed in an efficient and timely manner. Any questions regarding this procedure, please call our office at
  1. Mike Hamilton Construction will come out to your home on a pre-arranged date to verify that gas piping can be installed, and if so at what cost.
  2. If you would like to proceed with the installation, another appointment will be made to have an installer come back to your home and install the piping.
  3. Once the gas piping installation has been completed the installer will inform the office of the exact footage installed and give any other information necessary to finalize your permit.
  4. Each city and/or county processes their permits in different time frames. It could take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to receive verification that your permit has been issued.
  5. Once we have been notified that your permit has been issued, we will then set up a convenient day for the gas piping inspection.( NOTE: Mike Hamilton Construction is not able to request a specific time for your inspection.)
  6. The day of the inspection, we will arrive early am to charge the pipe with the pressure necessary for the inspection.
  7. Inspectors might not call before they arrive. Someone must be present at home while the inspection is taking place. Inspectors will not enter an unattended home.
  8. When the inspection is complete, please call and notify our office. If  we are doing the installation of your appliance we will schedule it for the next business day or the next business day that you are available. If we are not doing your installation of your appliance, we will schedule an installer to come out and remove the gage from your piping.
NOTICE: No gas line installs or inspections can be schedule on Saturday or Sunday
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